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Preview of the Best of 2006

As promised here is a preview of the Best of 2006 categories taht have nominees in them. Please feel welcome to select who you think will win in each category.

Best Wrestler of 2006
Nominees are: Samoa Joe
Christopher Daniels
Christian Cage
CM Punk

Best NFL Player of 2006
Nominees are: Peyton Manning (Colts)
LaDanilon Tomlinson (Chargers)
Tony Romo (Cowboys)
Brian Urlacher (Bears)

Best Song of 2006
Nominees are: Fake by Shinedown
Fighter by Candlefuse
Numb/Encore by Linkin Park/Jay-Z
Mals Song by Escape Key

Best TV show of 2006
Nominees are: CSI
Doctor Who

Male of 2006
Nominees are: Johnny Depp
Samoa Joe
Mike Carlson
Peyton Manning

Female of 2006
Nominees are: Shawnee Smith
Christy Hemme
Kiera Knightly
Billie Piper

Best Movie of 2006
Nominees are: Serenity
POTC 2: Dead Mans Chest
The Prestige
Saw 3

Best Match of 2006
Nominees are: AJ/Daniels Vs LAX – Ultimate X
Raven Vs Abyss Vs Runt
Angle Vs Joe
Cage Vs Rhino – 8 Mile Street Fight

Yes Im aware that Serenity was released last year but I only saw this yaer so therefore it qualifies, same goes for Firefly.
Remember I will also be posting my highs and lows of the year as well. Expect results sometime later this month.

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