beazle666 (beazle666) wrote,

Is this the End?

Or the beginning of a new era.

Im in a fairly unusual mood tonight. One part of me is in depression while another part is alive with ideas and the final part of me is ready to relax.

All my ideas concern my game in EWR (wrestling sim) where my TNA game has seen me rise TNA to number 1 promotion. At the moment I have Abyss as NWA Heavyweight Champion, Kid Kash as X Division Champion, New Jack & Lance Hoyt as Tag Champions and Roddy Piper is TNA American Champion. My main feud however is Raven and Sandman who are due to meet at Victory Road 05 in a Texas Death match!

The part that wishes to relax is listening to some music. (Kanyee West at the mo. I have a list in media player set up including Linkin Park, Ice T, Shinedown and Weird Al of course.

The depressed part is trying to figure out what will happen next. My emotional state is as usual is questionable at best. I am love and I am hate on your late night talk debate but you will never put your finger on me. Love that line. Sums up how I feel perfectly.

As am continual feel like Im punished for other peoples sins I leave you with these words:
By the flesh of my flesh, by the blood of my blood, you will crucify the Raven nevermore.

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