beazle666 (beazle666) wrote,

Im off to see the wizard,....

Yep off to go larping soon. Should be fun and druken fun at that.

Ah yes drinking, falling down adn forgetting who you are. Any way thats enough about Richy on saturday night.

The main purpouse of this entry is to tell someone who believs I hate them that I dont. Trust me if you me to hate you it takes alot more then this situation we are in. A good way to start is to steal 200 pounds off me.

A Firefly quote to finish:
Mal: [about Mal's new wife] I would appreciate it if one person on this boat would not assume that I'm an evil lecherous hump.
Zoë: Nobody's saying that, sir.
Wash: Yeah, we're pretty much just giving each other significant looks and laughing incessantly

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