August 17th, 2006

have I done the right thing?

Today I have made what some may observe as a strange decision.

I have asked someone out who some wont understand why. The answer I aint sure yet why I have done it but what I do know I need to do it for both of our peace of mind.

On another note watched Serenity again. This film just propves what a genuis Joss Wheadon is. Plus also got to me again thinking why ws Firefly cancelled? This show had superb acting and sharply written scripts but was screwed over by the WB not showning it in the right order, Imean comeon they showed the pilot episode as the elventh episode it doesnt take half a brian to tell you that they just didnt care about it. Some network should bring it back.

I will end with my favourite exchange of the film:

Wash: This landing could get intresting
Mal: Define intresting
Wash: Oh God, Oh God were all going to die
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