August 20th, 2006


Greetings and welcome.

Well since my last post my mind is at peace and the female in question is out of my hair.

However a certian turn of events has brought into question the way I feel about certian people.

On a different note all together I seem to have turned Richy on to SErenity/Firefly. This is a bouns as I really want to have a shot at the Serenity LARP.

On the subject of LARP it is The Gathering on Thursday have to say Im feeling both nerves and excitement towards this coming event. Im unsure how I will do first tiiem I ahve tried something like this but Im sure I will get through it. Somehow.

And finally to end another Firefly Quote

[Jayne takes out Crow with leg shot]
Mal: Nice shot!
Jayne: [sitting on the floor, drugged] I was aiming for his head.
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