September 1st, 2006

Where have all the monsters gone?

No this isnt a LARP reference but a genuie cry iof disbelief from a horror movie fan.

Back in the 80s and 90s we had Freddy, Jason, Michael, Chucky, Candyman and Pinhead. However in the 21st century these characters have been driven from existence or turned into comedians.

I hear that Halloween will be remade for 2007 with Rob Zombie directing. With any luck from there they could remake the rest and link all the Halloweens togethers unlike the two story arcs that currently exsit.

After Freddy Vs Jason success at the box office in 2003 New Line should have continued both Franchises. Freddy more importantly while any large guy can play Jason (though personally feel kane Hodder made the role his) ONLY Robert Eng;umd can play Freddy and he isnt getting younger!

Chucky started off well but has slipped with recent outings but is still a good laugh.

Candyman should be brougt back a fourth film wouldnt hurt as long as they got Tony Todd back, gave it a decent budget and a half decent director.

Hellraiser has become striaght to video matreial but why? Doug Bradley keeps coming back so surely they could sustian threatre worthy performances?

That is the problem with the influx of Asian horror (which are then BADLY remade by American)the horror icons ahve lost there grip. They can surive but the other thing that works against them is the studios who are becoming more family friendly. Proof of this is the amount of horrors coming out with the exceptations of Saw 3 and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre:The Beginning (proof Icons can survie, GO LEATHERFACE)there is none of mention.

So my message to Robert Shaye and Sean S Cunningham is this: BRING BACK FREDDY AND JASON. WE MISS THEM
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