September 6th, 2006

If You Tolerate This

Im Tired. Very Tired. Three late nights combinded with three early mornings are taking there toll.
I really have to learn to listen to my body I cant keep this lifestyle up.

Sounds strange coming from a 27 year old.

Okay next up big HELLO to jan who has added me as a friend. Keep in touch babe you know my email and number.

Next up I have admitted that Im not attended the WP. This is due to the amount of cash the car is going to take up this month with MOT, service and insurance all due on the same day! I will need October to recover in time for Christmas (alreday thinking of Xmas, its only September)

Right big hug and thanks to Sticks for movie nigt last night better then what Im normally stuck doing when Richy goes to see Beth.

To Gemz take care and have a big hug. Things will get better and I know they will. Have faith.

Right onto one of my main loves of life: wrestling. Its No Suirrender this month in TNA and confirmed thus far is Senshi defending the X Division title against Chris Sabin, I personally belive Sabin to be TNAs unsung hero he always delivers the goods. The big one thus far is the Tag Team Titles been defnedeed by LAX against Styles/Daniels in Ultimate X! If done right this could be a superb match I await September 31st on TWC with genuie intrest. Expect Cage against Rhino and possibley some match involving Runt and Abyss and maybe even Raven expecta spot fest if this happens.
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