September 9th, 2006

Refreshed and Refocused

Finally a decent nights sleep! I needed that.

Out tonight for Sticks` going home gathering. Should be fun.

Im in a strange mood today and not surprisingly it has to do with women. Why is it the women I have been out with still have feelings for me sometimes and then not at other times. One spefic case in point that Richy should know well. I wish she would make her mind up. Having said that not exactly been over awed with offers. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I ask cause every couple I know is either splitting, having problems or having kids.

I guess I do want someone just not with all the marriage or baby stuff for a long time. Im just tired of been alone. This could lead to alonger description of my feelings but I will stop now.

Random movie news:

Joss Wheadon has posted recently that something Serenity/Firefly related could be in the pipework. If this comes to either a second movie or the show returning it will a huge success for all the fans who have championed the cause.

From imdb on his bio Kane Hodder is in talks with New Line regarding a Jason sequel this was reported just last month!!!!!!!!!! GET IN! Kane is Jason with him back in the role it will be superb. Also it says Kane twice auditioned to play Michael Myers but was turned down as it was thought he was to "bulky" for the role and The Shape should be a slender figure.

However, Kane is friends with Rob Zombie who is directing the Halloweeen remake. So go on Rob let him play Michael! Then Kane can add to the fact he has played Jason, Freddy and Leatherface, an outstanding horror resume.

On a VERY sad note Hollywood has seen fit to ruin yet another Asian movie but this isnt jsut any Asian movie it is the greatest Asian movie ever - Battle Royale. Inked in for a 2008 release I strongly recommended that if you aint seen the orignal make it a priorty to see before Hollywood ruin it.

This goes back to my monster post studio excs will pay fortunes to ruin great Asian cinema while the horror legends they created gather dust. I congratulate George A.Romero for keepin it real and still doing zombie films. Also The Descnet by local boy Neil Marshall and Hostel by Eli Roth show there is orignial horror ideas out there these two along with the Saw franchise are proving you can still do cheap budget movies. Howvever for every horror we get ten sub standard romantic comdies, or five generic action flicks. Dont get me wrong I do like some of these but the lack of scary movies been done that arent ripped off from Asia is the most scary thing.

I end with the orignal Battle Royale tagline (that should be used for the remake):
Could you kill your best friend?
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