beazle666 (beazle666) wrote,

Losing the will

Ok three days into this week and Im tired again! You think I might actually get the idea and have an early night.

Work is become such a chore. Every day is becoming harder to get through. If it wasnt for the fact I need the money I would apply alsewhere but very few jobs can match my salary.

Isnt wrestling a funny state. Kurt Angle ahs been released, Trish is retiring and so rumour would suggest so is Lita. Jeff Hardy is back in the WWE. Why? He couldnt stick to their schedule last time and he couldnt stick it out in TNA and they only work a few days a month. His fans are loyal (but annoying) he isa good wrestler but is tooe asily distracted by his other intrests.

Still cant understand why people have mobiles but never answer them.

Im going mad, whos coming with me?

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