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Today has been a good day

Today has been relaxed.

Had to go to the opticans early and found out my new lenses are working out very good. Went got a haircut, was in dire need. Went to Savacentre saw me mam at work got my Xmas presents, the new Star Wars DVDs, also got a new pair of jeans and a jumper. Got the new Christina album, sounds good so far.

Put a bet on six homes. Ended up with 4 draws and 2 defeats, ahh well this is the reason I dont bet much.

Suppoused to be going out tonight but cant be bothered to have to pay for Richy all night. However I also cant be bothered to stay in. To make matters worse there is only Richy really left in the flat so no escape to talk to anyone else. Hurry back Sticks and Roy I may very well kill him!

Liking the look of Children of Men may not be bad. I never get to the pictures anymore. No one to go with. Also have a very large collection of DVDs.

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