beazle666 (beazle666) wrote,

Writer's Block: Nicknames

What's your nickname, and how did you get it?

I have had a few nicknames. Andy is my most common one as I dont like been called Andrew, think has something to do with always getting wrong when Im called that!

Had a few in secondary school the most used one was Kenners as my surname is Kennedy. Dont get this that often anymore though Richy is prone to use it every now and again.

My fave nickname is Beazle. The nickname was given when I worked at Waverley and it was found out I liked rock and metal so one of the lads was calling me a devil worshipper and all ths usual stuff he then used the name beazlebub this was decided to be too long and thus Beazle was born. I was called that and various shortened versions for the entrie nine years I worked there.
Tags: nickname, writer's block

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