beazle666 (beazle666) wrote,

Almost there....

I have worked on a list of my favev movies as I stated in my last post. Got a top 50 done doubt I will go any higher. I had enough trouble doing this many!

Noteable exclusions include: This is Spinal Tap, Transformers The Movie, Lost In Translation, The Goonies and Toy Story (didnt release this wasnt on!).

Included however: Battle Royale (no surprise there), Dawn Of The Dead, The Crow, Dog Soliders and Groundhog Day.

Any gusses to what number one might be?

Please remeber this isnt based on any public vote or on how good the acting is or how good the film is to anyone but me. Yes there is some unusal films that dont always make these lists but this about how I rate the movie not some Acadmey! All these films are worthy of a best picture award in my eyes.

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