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Its True, Its Damn True

There is a moment in the genesis of a compnay that moves it on to the next level.
There is decsions that you just dont see coming.
There are somethings that just amaze you.

All these above statements refer to one thing: KURT ANGLE has joined TNA. This is without doubt the single most outstanding moment in wrestling this year. So his release from WWE for "health reasons" was a cover. Or was it?

Angle has neck problems we all know that so working the WWEs hard schedule will take its toll. Where as TNA work a lighter schedule with two TV taping nights and one PPv night genrally a month. This will allow Angle to rest up between shows and (hopefully) keep him fit longer.

With Bound For Glory taking place in Detriot and the move to prime time for Impact TNA is on the rise. VInce take note, we got your boy.

OH its True, Its Damn True!

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