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Good Things, Bad Things

Didnt realise it had been so long since my last post on here. Just to make people aware the top 50 fave movies chart hasnt died I just have been very busy with working different shifts at work I havnt had time to update.

Good THings to happen recentley:
Richys test results coming back normal (first time hes ever been calleed normal)
Getting my time off for Christmas
Beating Sticks (again) at Star Wars CCG
Hartlepool getting through to the second round of the Johnstones Paint Cup

Bad Things:
My Napstar account been stopped because the dumb fucks keeping telling me my bank details are wrong.
Working way too long.
Not going to the WP
X-Box 360s been so bloody expensive.

Pretty balanced I think.

To finish a reminder that this weekend in Detriot TNA are hosting Bound for Glory. It will air over here on 27th October. Dont miss it. Plus check out the TNA website for a cool preview video with music from Fozzy, Chris Jerichos band, the track they use is Enemy from the All That Remains album.

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