beazle666 (beazle666) wrote,

For tomorrow

Its Halloween tomorrow so I shall drop some good scary movies for to fill your evenings in.

First up try doing a triology:

Ringu 2
Ringu 0

Evil Dead
Evil Dead II
Army Of Darkness

Scream 2
Scream 3

If you have more time why not do a whole series:

All 8 Nightmare on Elm Streets (includes FVJ)

All 11 Friday 13ths (includes FVJ)

All 7 Halloweens (Halloween 3 doesnt count)

Or how about

Asian Triple Bill
The Grudge
The Eye

Horror Icons
Nightmare On Elm Street

Also worthhwile films of note include: Dark Water, Saw, Dog Soliders, The Descent, Tale Of Two Sisters.

You get the idea.

Have fun and remember to keep from fainting keep repeating its only a movie, its only a movie.
Goodnight out there whatever you are.
Tags: halloween movies

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