beazle666 (beazle666) wrote,

That was the week when....

Okay as promised a preview of the previous week.

Monday: Sad news today as Richy split from Beth. Went round for a drink with him I think her reaction had caught him unawares. All in all he wasnt happy so he did the right thing. A first for Richy.

Tuesday: Went out for a drink with gemz in Old Orleans. JHad a really good night putting the world to rights. Then we had a romantic KFC. Regardless to what others have said a KFC can be romantic if the compnay is right.

Wednesday: By far the worst day of the week. Major rows with my mother over the state of my room. Had she just said tidy your room but no I got a pretty nasty putdown. I need my own place. Plus side got some work in my room done.

Thursday:Met Gemz in the Metrocentre, had a Italian at Est Nice restruant, recomended. Then wandered around the Metrocentre for a bit then went to see Richy for abit. Just a very relaxed night.

Over the next few days I have tonight going out with Richys family, always a good occasion. Then tomorrow night going to see the Prestige with Gemz and Laura plus her b/f.

Looks like I have cold. Not happy.

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