Today has been a good day

Today has been relaxed.

Had to go to the opticans early and found out my new lenses are working out very good. Went got a haircut, was in dire need. Went to Savacentre saw me mam at work got my Xmas presents, the new Star Wars DVDs, also got a new pair of jeans and a jumper. Got the new Christina album, sounds good so far.

Put a bet on six homes. Ended up with 4 draws and 2 defeats, ahh well this is the reason I dont bet much.

Suppoused to be going out tonight but cant be bothered to have to pay for Richy all night. However I also cant be bothered to stay in. To make matters worse there is only Richy really left in the flat so no escape to talk to anyone else. Hurry back Sticks and Roy I may very well kill him!

Liking the look of Children of Men may not be bad. I never get to the pictures anymore. No one to go with. Also have a very large collection of DVDs.
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Losing the will

Ok three days into this week and Im tired again! You think I might actually get the idea and have an early night.

Work is become such a chore. Every day is becoming harder to get through. If it wasnt for the fact I need the money I would apply alsewhere but very few jobs can match my salary.

Isnt wrestling a funny state. Kurt Angle ahs been released, Trish is retiring and so rumour would suggest so is Lita. Jeff Hardy is back in the WWE. Why? He couldnt stick to their schedule last time and he couldnt stick it out in TNA and they only work a few days a month. His fans are loyal (but annoying) he isa good wrestler but is tooe asily distracted by his other intrests.

Still cant understand why people have mobiles but never answer them.

Im going mad, whos coming with me?
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Refreshed and Refocused

Finally a decent nights sleep! I needed that.

Out tonight for Sticks` going home gathering. Should be fun.

Im in a strange mood today and not surprisingly it has to do with women. Why is it the women I have been out with still have feelings for me sometimes and then not at other times. One spefic case in point that Richy should know well. I wish she would make her mind up. Having said that not exactly been over awed with offers. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I ask cause every couple I know is either splitting, having problems or having kids.

I guess I do want someone just not with all the marriage or baby stuff for a long time. Im just tired of been alone. This could lead to alonger description of my feelings but I will stop now.

Random movie news:

Joss Wheadon has posted recently that something Serenity/Firefly related could be in the pipework. If this comes to either a second movie or the show returning it will a huge success for all the fans who have championed the cause.

From imdb on his bio Kane Hodder is in talks with New Line regarding a Jason sequel this was reported just last month!!!!!!!!!! GET IN! Kane is Jason with him back in the role it will be superb. Also it says Kane twice auditioned to play Michael Myers but was turned down as it was thought he was to "bulky" for the role and The Shape should be a slender figure.

However, Kane is friends with Rob Zombie who is directing the Halloweeen remake. So go on Rob let him play Michael! Then Kane can add to the fact he has played Jason, Freddy and Leatherface, an outstanding horror resume.

On a VERY sad note Hollywood has seen fit to ruin yet another Asian movie but this isnt jsut any Asian movie it is the greatest Asian movie ever - Battle Royale. Inked in for a 2008 release I strongly recommended that if you aint seen the orignal make it a priorty to see before Hollywood ruin it.

This goes back to my monster post studio excs will pay fortunes to ruin great Asian cinema while the horror legends they created gather dust. I congratulate George A.Romero for keepin it real and still doing zombie films. Also The Descnet by local boy Neil Marshall and Hostel by Eli Roth show there is orignial horror ideas out there these two along with the Saw franchise are proving you can still do cheap budget movies. Howvever for every horror we get ten sub standard romantic comdies, or five generic action flicks. Dont get me wrong I do like some of these but the lack of scary movies been done that arent ripped off from Asia is the most scary thing.

I end with the orignal Battle Royale tagline (that should be used for the remake):
Could you kill your best friend?
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Im sick and tired

I will keep this short.

Im currently incredibley tired! Im also about to go out for a drink with a few people and to be fairly homnest I cant be arsed to sit in a pub. I just want to chill and relax and now have to go be happy and awake. Not good.

I have to work a full 12 and half hour shift tomorrow. im not looking foward to it. Espically seeing as if I go out I wont get back till way after eleven. I will have to leave early or I will die tomorrow.

I suppouse I will get thru it. It is Friday tomorrow(THANK GOD)
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If You Tolerate This

Im Tired. Very Tired. Three late nights combinded with three early mornings are taking there toll.
I really have to learn to listen to my body I cant keep this lifestyle up.

Sounds strange coming from a 27 year old.

Okay next up big HELLO to jan who has added me as a friend. Keep in touch babe you know my email and number.

Next up I have admitted that Im not attended the WP. This is due to the amount of cash the car is going to take up this month with MOT, service and insurance all due on the same day! I will need October to recover in time for Christmas (alreday thinking of Xmas, its only September)

Right big hug and thanks to Sticks for movie nigt last night better then what Im normally stuck doing when Richy goes to see Beth.

To Gemz take care and have a big hug. Things will get better and I know they will. Have faith.

Right onto one of my main loves of life: wrestling. Its No Suirrender this month in TNA and confirmed thus far is Senshi defending the X Division title against Chris Sabin, I personally belive Sabin to be TNAs unsung hero he always delivers the goods. The big one thus far is the Tag Team Titles been defnedeed by LAX against Styles/Daniels in Ultimate X! If done right this could be a superb match I await September 31st on TWC with genuie intrest. Expect Cage against Rhino and possibley some match involving Runt and Abyss and maybe even Raven expecta spot fest if this happens.
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In Memory

I write todays entry with a tinge of saddness. AS today we have lost one of the greatest personalities to come out of Austrila. Yes Steve Irwin has passed away after been stung by a Stingray in a diving incident. Now Im sure some people may find this poetic justice but to be far I never saw him dying of old age!

He did a lot of good work for wildlife in Austrila and for that he should be congrlated. He was a larger then life personality who I doubt knew the feeling of danger. He will be missed. RIP

On a lighter note my eyes are going well and that is a bouns given all the trouble I have had with them.

Im feeling relaxed at the moment thou I feel knowing my life that feeling wont last!
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Where have all the monsters gone?

No this isnt a LARP reference but a genuie cry iof disbelief from a horror movie fan.

Back in the 80s and 90s we had Freddy, Jason, Michael, Chucky, Candyman and Pinhead. However in the 21st century these characters have been driven from existence or turned into comedians.

I hear that Halloween will be remade for 2007 with Rob Zombie directing. With any luck from there they could remake the rest and link all the Halloweens togethers unlike the two story arcs that currently exsit.

After Freddy Vs Jason success at the box office in 2003 New Line should have continued both Franchises. Freddy more importantly while any large guy can play Jason (though personally feel kane Hodder made the role his) ONLY Robert Eng;umd can play Freddy and he isnt getting younger!

Chucky started off well but has slipped with recent outings but is still a good laugh.

Candyman should be brougt back a fourth film wouldnt hurt as long as they got Tony Todd back, gave it a decent budget and a half decent director.

Hellraiser has become striaght to video matreial but why? Doug Bradley keeps coming back so surely they could sustian threatre worthy performances?

That is the problem with the influx of Asian horror (which are then BADLY remade by American)the horror icons ahve lost there grip. They can surive but the other thing that works against them is the studios who are becoming more family friendly. Proof of this is the amount of horrors coming out with the exceptations of Saw 3 and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre:The Beginning (proof Icons can survie, GO LEATHERFACE)there is none of mention.

So my message to Robert Shaye and Sean S Cunningham is this: BRING BACK FREDDY AND JASON. WE MISS THEM
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Just when you thought itwas safe.....

I have returned. I have one tyhiong to say....LARPing is so much fun!

Met loads of nice people, drank alot and and fought in two ig battles. Thats what I* call a weekend!

So I would like to thank Al, Ger, Katie, Dave, John, Dave, Peter, Dave, Chris, Dean, Mandy for amkeing me feel welcome.

Thanks also to Richy who has founda new job as a skirmish fighter. Though his weekend was marred by two more fits. Hope things get sorted out soon.

A very special thanks to Gemz for convincing me to go to the Gathering. For being a friend.There is more I could say but this is not the forum to do it on. Just remember Im here if you need me.

Bad points are my health which prevented me from taking part for long periods at times. Now I also have REAL bad sunburn.

Away from LARP Im feeling good however I bet after been in work for a few hours that feeling changes. I feel I may need to change job.

To end as usual a Firefly quote:

River: Little soul, big world. Eat, sleep, and eat. Many souls.
Mal: Cattle on the ship three weeks, she don't go near 'em. Suddenly we're on Jianying, and she's got a driving need to commune with the beasts?
River: They weren't cows inside. They were waiting to be, but they forgot. Now they see sky, and they remember what they are.
Mal: Is it bad that what she said makes perfect sense to me?
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Im off to see the wizard,....

Yep off to go larping soon. Should be fun and druken fun at that.

Ah yes drinking, falling down adn forgetting who you are. Any way thats enough about Richy on saturday night.

The main purpouse of this entry is to tell someone who believs I hate them that I dont. Trust me if you me to hate you it takes alot more then this situation we are in. A good way to start is to steal 200 pounds off me.

A Firefly quote to finish:
Mal: [about Mal's new wife] I would appreciate it if one person on this boat would not assume that I'm an evil lecherous hump.
Zoë: Nobody's saying that, sir.
Wash: Yeah, we're pretty much just giving each other significant looks and laughing incessantly
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Is this the End?

Or the beginning of a new era.

Im in a fairly unusual mood tonight. One part of me is in depression while another part is alive with ideas and the final part of me is ready to relax.

All my ideas concern my game in EWR (wrestling sim) where my TNA game has seen me rise TNA to number 1 promotion. At the moment I have Abyss as NWA Heavyweight Champion, Kid Kash as X Division Champion, New Jack & Lance Hoyt as Tag Champions and Roddy Piper is TNA American Champion. My main feud however is Raven and Sandman who are due to meet at Victory Road 05 in a Texas Death match!

The part that wishes to relax is listening to some music. (Kanyee West at the mo. I have a list in media player set up including Linkin Park, Ice T, Shinedown and Weird Al of course.

The depressed part is trying to figure out what will happen next. My emotional state is as usual is questionable at best. I am love and I am hate on your late night talk debate but you will never put your finger on me. Love that line. Sums up how I feel perfectly.

As am continual feel like Im punished for other peoples sins I leave you with these words:
By the flesh of my flesh, by the blood of my blood, you will crucify the Raven nevermore.
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